All sales directly benefit the Uganda Women’s National Lacrosse Team and their efforts to compete in the 2022 World Championship

Mission Statement

Uganda Women’s Lacrosse, a family of extraordinary women, exists to achieve both success and growth at the highest level. We first and foremost place God at the core of everything we do. It is in Him that all things are possible. We all share a growth mindset- honoring those who laid the foundation, and paying it forward to the future generations. We love each other by recognizing and embracing the diverse backgrounds of the players, coaches, administrators, and sponsors. We are worldwide ambassadors of the sport. We are proud to be Ugandan and will always play with class and integrity. Lastly, we will always act in a way that empowers each other and promotes women’s equality.


  • Commit ourselves to the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all players
  • Actively pursue a relationship with God
  • Promote excellence and integrity both on the field and at home
  • Empower young women to be well-rounded servant leaders in the community and to be ambassadors to lacrosse worldwide
  • Continue to be a distinctive and compelling resource that unifies and diversifies the sport
  • Immerse ourselves in the cultures of other nations while gloriously being Ugandan
  • Live our lives with selfless generosity to promote Uganda Lacrosse while being living examples of the Mission of the organization